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June 3, 2010

5 Things you must do in Venice, Italy

Located in Northern Italy, Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world today that radiates romance and love throughout its streets. Known as the “city of canals” / “city of water”, Venice charms every art lover and those who appreciate true beauty. So what’s a must when you head to Venice?

1. Basilica di San Marco; Campanile – This is an amazing place to start of your Venice vacation with a beautiful birds eye view of the city at its finest You pay a small fee to ride to the top but its well worth it for the amazing view from the tallest bell tower in the city.

2. Piazza San Marco – Often referred to as the center of Venice, the Piazza San Marco is one of the most popular tourists’ destinations today with its marvelous architecture and a little something for everyone. If you really want to make the most of your experience I suggest you visit it both during the day and at night and be prepared to be very pleasantly surprised by the beauty this Piazza and its surrounding holds. Another weird yet fun activity to try out would be pigeon feeding, located in the Piazza San Marco as well. Buy some pigeon food (sold everywhere all over the Piazza) and watch dozens of pigeons flock to you within seconds.

3. Gondola Rides – No trip to Venice is complete without a Gondola ride through the watery streets of Venice. Whether you’re there as a couple or just family and friends, a Gondola Ride offers you a different view of Venice with some of the best sites seen from the comfort of your cushioned boat than anywhere else.

4. Doge’s Palace – Take a tour through the gothic palace of Venice that was once considered to house the rulers of the city. Get your reservations early as this is a popular tourist activity as well, with some of the best highlights to be seen behind the closed doors and prison-tour of the Doge’s Palace.

5. Grand Canal – A vaporetto boat ride along the Grand Canal is another way to see Venice by the water. The busiest canal in the city and the most important one at that, you’ll find yourself at the heart of bustling life and gorgeous buildings on each side. The best part about the the boat ride is that it’s pretty cheap so you can take it a few times over to indulge in the beauty of Venice.

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