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April 19, 2010

A Guide to Reach Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy, is one of the most charming and romanticised cities in the world. In its unique beauty, rich history, colorful local culture and diversity of attractions for visitors are offered, it is not surprising that Venice is considered must-see when it comes to destination. Visitors often come to Venice by train or by boat, but there are ways to take a bus or plane.

The plane – By air, you can choose to land, either in the airport or the Marco Polo airport Treviso. The first Italian mainland, near the town of Mestre. The last twenty-five kilometers from Venice, but very busy and bustling airport so many budget flights such as Ryanair and SkyEurope Transavia, select field.

Since these airports, can be expected in shuttle buses to Venice. You can also use the shuttle bus with water wharf, where you can hop on a ship, which will lead you to Saint Mark’s Square in Venice. This process takes approximately one hour and a half. For those that are faster and unforgettable time for travel to Venice, you can also use water-taxi. It costs less, but you can fully enjoy the sights and sounds around him.

As the train – There are direct trains from Mestre and even international fronts, such as Munich, Budapest, Zagreb and Ljubljana. It arrives at the station, where you can water taxis and buses to their location in Venice. These visits are extremely beautiful train trip and medium of choice for visitors who want to enjoy in Venice.

On the bus – There are direct buses from Mestre. Bus stops outside the Piazzale Roma, located on the west bank of Venice. Such visits cheap, frequent and run only about half an hour. Residents prefer to take buses, so that it will also provide an opportunity for you to interact with local Venetians.

With ship – There is a direct ferry services from Greece to Venice. They do not go frequently and strongly recommended schedules and book tickets in advance. All of these trips end Stazione Marittima, is located on the western edge of the continent. From here you must have a water taxi or bus to reach the water of Venice.

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