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June 11, 2010

Basic Information About Venice Italy Vacations

When you decide to visit Venice, you may have a lot of questions about Venice, Italy vacations. Most people think that the only way to get around Venice is by gondola. That is true between the 188 islands that make up this city, but once you are on each island, the main mode of transportation is walking. Today, it is mainly tourists that use gondolas, just for the experience, as most of the residents have their own private boats, use waterbuses or taxis or ferries in places where there are no bridges. There are more than 400 bridges connecting the islands in addition to the canals.


The city of Venice is very unique because of its layout. The streets have very interesting names, with the smallest ones being called calli and the strands that line the canals are called fondamenta. Canals that were filled in to make streets are called rii terra and a campo is a plaza in front of a church. The only real square in the city is St. Mark’s Square.


When you visit Venice there are certain rules that you must abide by. These are:


* You are not permitted to lie down in public places nor are you permitted to eat or linger on city streets.


* Swimming in the canals and in St. Mark’s bay is prohibited


* You cannot ride a bicycle or use any form of vehicle on the city streets


* You are not allowed to undress in public places or walk about without a shirt or in a bathing suit.

If you violate these rules you will be fined.


Every year millions of tourists come to Venice to watch or take part in the rowing regattas. In addition to the Historical Regatta, there are more than 120 others. The rowing season is from April to September. Other annual events that take place in the city include the Farevetro, which is one hundred arts and crafts techniques at one venue, the Engraving of the City Views and the feast of the patron saint, Madonna dell’Apparizone.


The Piazza del Marco is the most famous piazza in Venice Although it looks to be a rectangle, it is actually a trapezoid with the Basilica of San Marco as the centerpiece. Some of the buildings along the piazza date back to the 1600’s. You will have an excellent view of the city from the bell tower of the basilica , which is one of the highest points in the city. The Bridge of Sighs is one of the most romantic places in the city, as well as being a historical landmark. Take a guided tour of the Monastero Mekhitarista to see some of the ancient manuscripts and relics collected and preserved by the monks since the beginning of the 18th century.


Accommodations are quite plentiful in Venice and in price ranges designed to suit all budgets. Experience the Venetian food or stick with the tried and true with the numerous restaurants and fast-food establishments. Get a map of the city and set out to explore on your own, keeping in mind that you do have to be careful in times of acqua alta, or the flooding of the streets during the thunderstorms that occur in the spring and fall.

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