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April 28, 2010

Cheap Venice Vacations: Seeing Venice The Inexpensive Way

22 million tourists and counting. Venice has perfected the art of looking after tourists of all budgets. Therefore, if you are the type who is not keen to throw euros out of the window and you would like to make the most of your resources, there is information about cheap vacation Venice options for you here. Read on to know how to plan a budget vacation to Venice Italy and locate cheap accommodation options in Venice.

Everyone dreams of a gondola ride when they plan a trip to Venice. Do you remember seeing in movies, a couple on a gondola, embracing passionately with the boatman warbling in the background. The gondola ride costs a pretty penny, upward of 70 euros and is not the most romantic experience either. As you float down the canal, tourists lined up on either side of the canal take your picture, call out and in general make themselves a nuisance. There is hardly a romantic and private moment here.

So if you do want a gondola ride for the experience, take one to cross the canal. It is cheap, you will get your ride and not waste your money entertaining other tourists. This is the first tip for cheap vacations in Venice.

Eating can be expensive and not really value for money. While on a budget tour to Venice, make every penny count. If you choose to eat at local food stalls or trattories, you will probably get much better value for money. During your cheap vacation in Venice, select from the foods in Venice like a platter of cicchetti, chi ke ti and take a glass of white wine, ombra and munch standing or on the move like the locals.

With every tourist town, accommodation can be expensive. Venice is no different. If you plan to stay near the piazza San Marco, you had better be prepared to pay. However, there are many cheap accommodation options in Venice if you are keen on a budget tour to Venice. Staying near the railway station will get you far better rates. Commuting is not difficult. You can also select from dormitories and youth hostels. Do also remember to look up hotels for last minute cancellations. You get much better rates and get good deals on accommodation in Venice if you book in advance. You can even consider booking air tickets well in advance to get better deals and cheap flights to Venice, Italy.

If you are keen on the museums, consider buying a nine museum pass while on a cheap vacation in Venice. It is much cheaper this way and you avoid queuing up at every museum. Entry to St Marks Basilica is free anyway, so that is one site you should not miss and there are many who will swear that it is the best place to visit anyway. While there is always a long line of visitors to visit the Basilica, you can reserve an entry time online and jump straight to the head of the queue.

In Murano, best known for its glasswork, you can get free demonstrations of glass blowing. You are not required to buy anything in return, although it is a rare visitor who can walk away without a curio.

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