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August 6, 2010

Do people vacation primarily for excitement or relaxation?

If I asked anyone I know, if they would like to vacation in Colorado, Florida, Mexico, etc., they would say yes. Their decision won’t depend on whether they can go mountain climbing, or scuba diving. They won’t insist on parasailing, or bungee cord jumping. They won’t even ask, they would just be glad to get away and chill out.

The very definition of vacation (thank you Encarta) is a time donated to travel, rest and recreation, a break from work, a time of leisure. A person may choose a destination because it excites them somehow. It may be the location; it may offer romance, or the adventure of a lifetime. But ultimately we go on vacation to regroup, reconnect, resuscitate and relax.

But let’s break it down a little. Let’s take rafting, that’s pretty exciting. Your heart races as you ride natures’ most destructive force. The spray hits your face, and your adrenaline is rushing as quickly as the white water. Yet, when the rush is gone, and your body aches, you’re revived and more relaxed.

Traveling to Italy would be my idea of exciting. I could rush around trying to take it all in. I could bounce from museums, to cathedrals. Eat regional food and drink wine. Travel the canals of Venice, stand before the Coliseum, there’s Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast (see how excited I get). I could do it all, but if I don’t slow down and relax will I really enjoy it. Would I remember it years later as the vacation of my dreams, or would I always feel that I flew through it so quickly, that I never had a chance to enjoy the true essence of it.

I have a friend that finds cruising exciting and for her vacation this year, she and her husband took their second. They flew in, rented a car, and took a few days to enjoy the amusements that are plentiful in south Florida. Two days later, they boarded their ship and took the short 3 day cruise to the Bahamas. For excitement, they took a tour, and went shopping in a foreign country. Everything else they needed was at hand. They had access to entertainment of all sorts, all located in one place. They could relax, while they enjoyed. They came home rejuvenated. I am sure they are planning their cruise for next year.

While on the subject, let me tell you a little about my vacation, which by the way I am currently indulging in. I would have liked to have gone to Colorado or Mexico and one day I’ll go to Italy. But on this occasion I have, pretty much, done nothing. I have lounged and read, and written. I have visited friends, and cooked for family. Plans for the rest of the weekend, hmmm, I think I might color my hair later, and try not to eat as much as I did yesterday (eating is universal, no matter where you vacation). Taking a few days off, worked out really well because of the holiday. It hasn’t been exciting, but that’s not why I took the vacation it. I took it just to relax.

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