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July 17, 2010

Experimental Travel – How To Get Started?

Why oh why is summer vacation always the same?! Quite frankly, I always had this feeling that something is amiss. That something better is out there. Not just the standard vacation fare.

Like this one summer, we we’re headed to Tuscany! I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. After all, Tuscany is a beautiful place and I have never been there. But, when we go there, I want to do something different. None of the standard city/town tours where you can compare notes with everyone else who has been there.

There should be another way to enjoy the country, right?!

Well, here is what I had read…

They call it Experimental Travel. No, it’s way more than just doing extreme sports. It’s a zany idea. The perfect panacea to a package holiday,

Take for example…

A couple who took different flights to Venice. Without the aid of telephones or agreed meeting place, they had to look for each other all over Venice.

A man who wandered around France wearing a Horse’s head, that’s seriously speaking.

Someone woke up and found that the gnome he had in his garden had gone missing. After which, he received postcards from different places all over the globe with his gnome in the foreground of the picture. Up to now, he has yet to find out who stole his garden accessory.

Discover the city using Monopoly. Buy the local version of the game and visit the streets, stations and jail by throwing the dice and following the game’s rules.

There are more insane ideas being passed around, each one more insane than the next. Isn’t it great that some people have taken traveling into the next level?! You do not even need lots of money to be able to do it, just courage and lots of imagination. The wilder, the better!

While I was trying to look for other ideas, I found something else. There were accounts of people who participated in a, in a not-so-crazy type of experimental travel. Here’s what the participants did…

The first stage is your starting point.
Walk in any direction for 50 – 100 paces, turn 180 degrees. Stop.
Turn 180 degrees. Continue walking until you see something blue. Stop
Make a left turn, walk 50 – 70 paces. Stop
Walk in any direction until you see something that is, or looks like the number 7 or 11. Stop.
Take the first left continue and look for somewhere to sit. Stop
Choose any direction and walk for 25 – 50 paces. Stop
Continue walking until you see an unusual color, shape or texture. Turn 180 degrees. Stop
Turn 180 degrees. Keep walking in any direction until you see an archway or unusual building feature. Walk to it and stop.
Head for home and keep looking for something that catches your eye. Stop.

Anyway, if you want more ideas, look up experimental travels, you can either copy their ideas or just go on from there and make up your own.

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