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August 9, 2010

Finding cheap hotels in Los Angeles

Planning a vacation can be stressful, especially when it comes to money. If you are heading to Los Angeles, you want to find a great hotel without spending excessive amounts on money. Finding cheap hotels during your stay can help you keep your vacation within your budget or save money to spend on airfare or a rental car.

Comparison Shop

There are many websites promising the lowest rates on hotels, airfare, and car rentals. It doesn’t take long to compare rates between the different websites, but spending an extra ten minutes could save you plenty of money. The internet makes it easy to search for hotels by price or location and check rates instantly. Websites like Priceline and regularly offer deep discounts that you would never find if you reserved your room directly through the hotel.

Travel in the Off-Season

If you are planning a vacation and not traveling for work, booking your vacation during the off-season or on weekdays is a great way to save money on hotel costs. Hotels charge higher prices during peak vacation times and on the weekends. Fall and early spring tend to be good seasons to travel, however California’s moderate climate means that even the middle of winter could provide acceptable weather for a trip to many Los Angeles attractions.

Look for Package Deals

Are you planning a Disney vacation? Keep an eye out for package deals where you can score a bargain on a hotel room and admission to the park. You may be able to stay at a more convenient hotel for a bargain price, or get better free perks. Whether you are going to Santa Monica, Universal Citywalk, Hollywood, or Venice, you may be able to find great deals if you look for packages with nearby attractions.

Stay in Adjacent Areas

The hotels closest to major attractions and venues are going to have the highest prices. If you are willing to travel a little further, you can find cheap hotel rooms in other parts of Los Angeles. Keep in mind that Los Angeles does not have as extensive of a public transportation system as other major cities, so if you stay further out you may need a car.

Consider Hotel Alternatives

Do you have to stay in a hotel? There are many boarding options that people do not consider. Empty apartments or timeshares frequently rent for low rates. Most people know that you can resell your timeshare, but few people are looking for rentals. Because of that, you can find deals on spacious timeshares for a week-long vacation at a bargain price.

Shop smart to find the cheapest hotels and lodging in Los Angeles for your next vacation or business trip. By taking a little time to research and compare rates, you can save money on your hotel and keep your vacation plans during tough economic times.

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