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June 14, 2010

How to plan a beach vacation on a budget

A Beach vacation on a budget is one of the easiest to do on a budget. The best thing about the beach is that it is free! You can entertain the kids for days at a time by letting them play in the waves at the beach and they’ll be exhausted at the end of each day!

Throughout California there are State Park Campgrounds along the beaches that allow both tent and RV camping. Since these parks are state run the rates are extremely reasonable (anywhere from $10 to $34 per night). There are also a ton of private RV parks and campgrounds up and down the coast that also offer reasonable nightly rates.

The best things in life don’t cost a lot and one of those things is a campfire on the beach, watching the sunset. Whether you are roasting hot dogs and smores with the kids or relaxing over a bottle of wine with your significant other there is nothing else like it!

One of the best places to camp in the state is Pismo State Beach. Coeana dunes is full of sand dunes and you can bring your own dune buggy/or quads or rent them and take a ride on the dunes. Camping right on the beach can be difficult due to the sand here but there is actually a company that will tow in a rental RV trailer for your stay and then tow it out again for you! All you have to do i show up!

One other trick to use is planning your each trip during the “off” season. Unless you live at the beach even people in Southern Cal don’t realize that some of the best beach weather occurs during the off season. The winter tides along the coast bring up new treasures from the sea and the beaches look deserted compared to the summer months. Great off season months are Sept, October, November even February. If you live in Southern Ca or close you can even plan your vacation around a “Santa Ana” The famous winds that turn up the winter heat and clear the so cal skies! During these months you can actually find vacation rentals as well as Resorts and Hotels along the coast with lower fall/winter/spring rates.

Spend the day playing in the waves or building sand castles bring you bike for a ride along the coast or rent one. Two beach towns that have great boardwalks for people watching and walking are Venice and Santa Monica in Los Angeles County or try Carlsbad or Oceanside in Northern San Diego County for a a much more laid back scene and a GREAT elevated view of the beach/ocean. Don’t forget fishing is free at every pier in California and most beach cities have a pier. The beach is the BEST value around!

Check out to check out State Park Camping rates.

Check out for their trailer rental info

Check out for a very handy guide to beaches in California

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