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April 22, 2010

Naples And Lamezia Italy, A Must See – Best Way To Travel Through Car Hire Naples, Italy

Italy is one country that boasts of many beautiful cities. Be it Assisi, Viterbo, Rome, Milan, Venice or Florence. Once you are in Italy, you cannot afford to miss visiting any one of them. Each of Italian cities is unique in more than one way.

Traveling by a car, watching and enjoying the scenic and picturesque beauty of Italy are a pleasure. Car Hire Italy helps you to fulfill your ambition of driving through Italy in a comfortable manner and in style.

Car Hire Italy makes it possible for you not only to travel and visit all beautiful cities but also enjoy every moment of it. It could be car Hire Naples or Car Hire Lamezia, depending upon the place from where you want to start your road journey to explore beautiful and marvelous Italy.

Whatever your Car Hire is you will get a great deal. You will be charged the minimum and unlike many other companies there are no hidden charges. If you can hire a luxury car or a sports model for say 100 Euros a day, it will be 100 Euros only and not 125 or 150 Euros as taxes and other costs are revealed to you only when you arrive to take your car.

Your car from Car Hire Italy will in Naples takes you to great bay with nice views of the Capri and the Ischia Islands. No doubt Naples cannot match the serenity or beauty of bigger cities like Rome or Florence, but it has its own charm that make it a must for every tourist to Italy. Added advantages of visiting Naples are that you are not far from Pompeii and Herculaneum, two cities that were buried by Mont Vesuvius’ volcanic eruptions in 79 AD. Incidentally, Mont Vesuvius has been the only active volcano in Europe.

Many who visit Naples find it somewhat polluted but this they say does not take away from its charm. There is plenty to see and enjoy and you will be glad you took the time to see it all. The old district of Naples has a long history. It has survived many blazes, air raids and earthquakes, and still retains its picturesque ambiance.

Naples owes its origin to Greeks who founded the city in the 7th century BC. The ancient design of the city is still available. Naples has a unique road network. It has three long parallel streets that run through Naples. Several small, narrow and dark streets connect these streets.

Naples also boasts of a city of the Chaos! In its old district, traffic rules do not exist. Of course there are no sidewalks because of narrow and dark streets. At places there are no traffic signs or traffic lights either. True, driving there will be fun. It reminds some old historic towns of third world countries like India or Pakistan or in Africa. But still the system works here. You can drive safely through old district of Naples in your car from Car Hire Naples Airport. Wonderful, is not it!

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