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July 17, 2010

The Best Alternative Romantic Weekend Breaks

There is nothing more romantic than surprising your loved one with a trip away for a romantic weekend break. Fortunately the range and variety of trips that you could go on have never been better. Before the advent of cheap flights to European destinations romantic breaks used to be restricted to the UK and short breaks to France. But low cost airlines have put trips to more exotic places in Europe very much on the map.

This is because it can often be as cheap to fly to a distant eastern European city as it is to get the ferry to France or to get a train to Scotland. This has meant that an increasing number of couples have been able to benefit from a wide variety of beautiful destinations that they might not otherwise have considered. Europe has so much to offer and as a self professed fan of the romantic weekend break I have compiled a list of my favourite places in Europe. All of these are perfect places to spend a bit of quality time with your loved one and fortunately they are also available whatever your budget. Better still they are not the cities that you might often find on lists like these. So forget Paris, Venice and Madrid, why not try;

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I was very close to withdrawing Ljubljana from my list, not because it wasn’t worthy of a place but rather because this is one of those little gems that one should try and keep secret. Untouched by the savage tourism that has infected so many of the world’s beauty spots Ljubljana is an incredibly beautiful little city in Slovenia. The city centre is a tiny riverside conglomeration of beautiful buildings, incredible restaurants and high end boutiques. You cannot walk 30 yards without coming across a tasteful little coffee shop at which you can drink hot chocolate and enjoy the view of the medieval castle that perches on a hill overlooking the city. Close to the Alps, the Mediterranean ocean and Slovenia’s stunning lake Bled the city of Ljubljana is also a fantastic starting point for a number of day trips around this part of middle Europe.

Alghero, Sardinia

Another of the cheap flight routes from Stansted Alghero is the second largest town on the Italian Island of Sardinia. Only a couple of hours flight from the UK Sardinia has become a favourite option for many people from the UK. The best time to travel for a romantic break is in the off season where you will have almost sole access to the beautiful old town which still has a fortified feel to it that dates back thousands of years. Roam the quant cobbled streets and get a taste for Italian food and culture. Hire a car for a couple of dates and enjoy the incredible secluded beaches and coastal enclaves drenched with sun and dripping with Mediterranean charm.

Riga, Latvia

Wrap up warm and shuffle through the foreboding Baltic streets of Latvia’s Capital city Riga. The architecture in the city is overwhelming with a number of incredible cathedrals competing for space with enormous architectural masterpieces that remind you of a James Bond film. The city boasts a vast array of boutique and high end fashion stores as well as a wealth of high end coffee shops and restaurants. There are a few squares in the city which regularly play host to markets which sell a wonderful range of local foods, jewellery and warm winter wear.

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