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August 2, 2010

The pros and cons of traveling alone

I have had several experiences of traveling solo. I did so for several reasons, number one, my wife is not as avid a traveler as I am, and she wasn’t inclined to go, so I said to her what my mother said to my dad once, “I’ll go with or without you”. With my parents, my mother was the traveler, my dad couldn’t have cared less. I must be my mother’s son. No, I wasn’t being mean or harsh, she certainly had the chance to go, but I couldn’t let her apathy for travel stop me. Neither was I going to shop around for a travel companion, posting an ad for a travel buddy. No, I knew that the chances of getting a travel companion that I can get along with for the duration of a trip was wishful thinking, so I decided it was solo or nolo’. So solo was it. Since then I have traveled solo to Europe six different times.

Another reason for traveling solo is, at least as far as my dear wife is concerned, is that to go to Europe with her, as opposed to solo, would not cost me twice as much, it would cost me three, if not four times more. I mean, I can wing it when I go alone. I can spend a night in an airport, curled up on the floor, arrive in a strange city without a clue as to what I am going to do, keeping my options for accommodations open. She’d be as nervous as a wet hen if I did that with her along, and the trip would be ruined for both of us. Who needs that?

We did go to Europe together once though. For example, I do recall traveling from Vienna to Venice on an train. She insisted on a private sleeper, which cost as much as a three star hotel. Had I been by myself, I would have just toughed it out in a seat and saved over a hundred dollars.

I speak not despairingly about the dear woman; she’s the lady, I’m the tramp. Going solo just suits this hobo.

And let’s face it, things go wrong during travel. I find it a whole lot easier handling the foibles of travel when she’s not there shaking her thoroughly disgusted head. I recall trying to get through to a hotel once to get direction (and to make sure they were open) and couldn’t for the life of me get through. It was miserably cold and windy. I was so glad she wasn’t there! And I have had a million such situations that have happened. It’s better on both of our nerves for me to travel solo.

Ha! The reasons for going solo! The choices are 100% mine! If I want to stop for a slice of pizza, no one is there making me feel guilty or telling me three reasons not to. Never mind the fact that I just had a slice down the street.

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