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August 18, 2010

Things to do in spring in Los Angeles

Take A Walk To Venice Beach

I got up and dressed myself for a walk down to the beach. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt with a sweat jacket seems appropriate for the trip. I was residing in a duplex on Venice Way, in Venice Beach, California. From here it makes the walk about three blocks, with a left and a right turn onto the famous Venice Walk and Muscle Beach. The morning was cool as the breeze blows in from the ocean. I walked out the sliding glass doors of the den into the back yard of my sisters quaint home.

The back yard had patio block painted red. It was laid down so no grass would grow. The grapefruit tree there was loaded with fruit still ripening. The fragrance was in the morning dew air. The sound of car tires on the street out front is evident the day has begun for the many.

As I walked around the side of the house toward the front gate and under the arch of bougainvillea blooming bright and full I stepped around the little piles of dog poop my sisters little dog Boo-Boo left for someone to scoop up at their leisure. The warmth of the sun is overcast by the cool breeze of the morning as usual.

I opened the gate on the wooden privacy fence to enter the front yard area surrounded by a chain link fence. The large palms in the front yard shaded the sidewalk. Aloe plants were growing three feet tall and blooming orange in front of the front apartment entrance.

The solicitors menus were stuck on the chain link gate for our ordering convenience. All the cars were parked on one side of the street; because the street sweepers were due to arrive that afternoon.

I opened the gate to start my journey. The gate clanged behind me as I went on my way. The four lane street was busy with the morning traffic as I had suspected. As I strolled down the street I could hear the construction going on. Then I noticed workers on the roof at our neighbors home.

As I crossed the street near the Venice Circle I looked left up the street to see the Post Office. The old black man was already in his spot on the bench in front of the post office as usual. The parking lot was full as pedestrians scurrying in and out of the Post Office. Some were stopping to buy newspapers from the long row of paper machines that lined the sidewalk out front. The bus stop was busy in front of the post office. I watched as people got on and off as I crossed the street at the end of the block.

As I got to the next

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