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August 15, 2010

Top Ten Choices for UK Residents Overseas Vacation Homes

Many UK residents opt to buy vacation homes overseas for many reasons.  Some of them think that buying a vacation home in another country is a good investment for future. Others think instead of going to a hotel in the vacation, buying a new house can be cheaper. Still others see vacation homes overseas as a place to go to when they retire.

We can easily say that whatever the reason is, most UK residents buy vacation homes in different places. Following places are the most popular of them:

An Endless Summer

UK has a calm climate and it rains during most of the year. The climate is the top reason why a certain country is appealing for UK residents to buy vacation homes.

1. Southern Spain.  Southern Spain has a warm climate and guarantees a delightful warm summer. The expanse of southern Spain embraces the Mediterranean. It also makes sense to buy vacation homes in this part of Europe. Every year many tourists go to Southern Spain, hence if the homeowner is not going there for a holiday, he or she can put it up for rent.

2. Florida, USA. Florida is the second of the most popular places where UK residents flock to for holidays.  Many of them love the place so much that they buy vacation homes there.  There are neighborhoods in Florida that are just exotic with their palm trees and tropical greenery.

3. The Bahamas.  The third country that UK residents go to and invest in vacation homes is the Bahamas. The best beaches of the world go lie in the Bahamas. UK residents who are beach fanatics will love the Bahamas just for the beaches.

A Rich Culture

Some of UK residents love to find themselves in culture of the country in which they are staying instead of being in beaches. And so they buy vacation homes from countries where they can find culture.

4. Paris, France.  The old center of Europe in the days of Louis XIV was Paris in France. It still is today, and many UK residents are drawn to this city for its culture.

5. Italy.  There are many beautiful cities in Italy some of them are Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan. They are incomparable for many UK residents.  Also incomparable is the authentic Italian cuisine that is an experience in itself.

6. Istanbul, Turkey. One of the most popular places is Istanbul in Turkey for UK residents. Many of them do not just buy vacation homes in Turkey ; they even relocate here.  You can find a delightful mix of the ancient and the modern in Turkey.  Its layers and textures can be truly fascinating.

Spectacular Views

UK residents may find the views to be enjoyed in a country reason enough to buy or loan a vacation home loan a vacation home there.  

7. Greece.  Greece’s rich culture is an attractive factor for UK residents, just as marvelous as its culture is the ruggedness of its shoreline and countryside.

8. The Netherlands.  UK residents find The Netherlands irresistible, presents views that are charming and genteel.

The Logic of Economics

Some UK residents buy a vacation home in less popular place because of some reasons of economic.

9. Bulgaria.  Real estate is cheap in Bulgaria so UK residents find purchasing a vacation home in Bulgaria to make sense.

10. Switzerland. For UK residents who love to ski, there is no other place to buy a vacation home rather than in the ski towns of Switzerland.

There are many reasons for UK residents to buy vacation homes in other countries.  Mostly it is fully to experience a complete new chapter in their lives.

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