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August 2, 2010

Travel destinations: Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia-a place of stifling beauty even when it rains three days in a row with intermittent sun showers.

I went to Slovenia to relax and have a little outside time. I brought my tent (the rain fly has flowers on it-the only flowery tent in the camp ground). I was so excited to use my tent because the weather in Germany (where I had been staying for two weeks) had been incredible. I packed my things in Villach, Austria and hopped on the train to Jessince. It took about three hours to get to Bled even though it’s only about 45 Kilometers away. It’s a slow track and then the changing trains. Once arriving at Lake Bled Train station-not really a station, just a platform and a small waiting room and a guy sitting on the porch with his feet up-I looked up over the valley, and for the first time in about a year, I felt I could finally take a breath. Green everywhere, with a few buildings dotting the mountains and a lake in the middle of it all. I also noticed the noise level, there was mainly quiet but quiet without loneliness. I knew I’d come to the right place even if I’d only stay the night.

I walked or marched down the steep slope of the road from the train station to the lake fully loaded down with my two backpacks. Miraculously I didn’t fall over or do anything stupid like I normally do, I just put one foot in front of the other and…walked. I even talked to some other travelers at the same time. Midway through the walk down the hill/mountain I knew that this place had a zen-like power, and I was grateful for it. I was grateful for the earthy smells from the trees and soil, the little, purple, flowering plants sprouting up all over and the thick refreshing mist that hung in the air.

I got my campsite, pitched my tent, made my bed, set out important things I would need for later and then set off to explore. I walked around the lake using the paths provided. For now it was what I needed. A nice wooded walk next to a lake with amazingly clear water.

When I got back to where I started, I couldn’t resist the water anymore. The mountains reflected on the lake. I was no fool, I went to college near Lake Superior, I knew the water was going to be cold. It felt just like home, only much smaller. There are no motorboats allowed on the lake, so one can easily dodge a rowboat before an accident happens.

Well long story short, I stayed for four days and three nights at Lake Bled, instead of the one or two intended, before going on my way to Venice. In the time I spent there I took walks in the country, found an organic sheep farm, a bee farm, and a man taking a pooh in the middle of his field early one morning. I don’t blame him. When you have a view like that from your field…I would probably do the same thing. Just remember everyone sees you when you wear bright orange whether you hide your face with your hands or not.

This was one of the best solo trips of my life. I felt safe, I had a great time, and I met people from all over Europe and other continents as well, only on a much lower scale than Venice in August.

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