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August 3, 2010

Travel experiences: Italy

We board our train in Milan on Tuesday afternoon at 1:55 pm (Italian time means that it was more like 2:20 pm) on our way to Venice on a clear bright September day. We entered the first class car from the rear. Be sure to purchase the reasonably priced upgrade to first class in the station before you board, it is well worth it.

Our trip to Venice is comfortable as we chat with a couple from Argentina (it’s their 10th anniversary) and a young man from Padua on his way home (it’s about 2 thirds the way to Venice). There is this almost surreal feeling as we glide across the Adriatic to the station in Venice. We gaze across the sea and the city is a vision, it appears to float with grace in a timeless fashion. There is the feeling that you’ve been here before as you leave the station and cross the piazza (plaza or square) toward the Grand Canal. We booked our hotel in Venice at and were pleased with the rates and availability.

Our hotel is 5 bridges “that way” as the man in the sandwich shop instructed us. The room is rather small but very well furnished and comfortable. You can take the boat taxi, waterbus or walk as there are no other means of transportation in Venice. At one time the gondola was the main transport but now it is more of a tourist attraction. We opt to walk and we’re on another adventure. As you walk through the cobblestone avenues (or alleys as the only passages in Venice are alleys and canals) you are reminded that Marco Polo and Giacomo Casanova walked these same paths. We dine at a small restaurant along the way to Piazza San Marcos. Dinner normally is around 20 to 25 EUROS for 2 with wine and spaghetti in the small but very quaint restaurants that are plentiful throughout Venice. The best way to see Venice (if you have the time) is on foot. As you wander the 118 islands that make up this wonderful city you will meet the inhabitants and shop in the little shops that are everywhere. Getting lost is part of the fun as you wind up in places that you never would have found on a tour. On one of our adventures we found ourselves in an open area near an academy of music and standing in the center we could hear someone in an upper room playing a violin, another singing opera and in another room ground level the piano was serenading us. We stood there for 20 minutes eating our favorite Italian treat Gelato!

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