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April 18, 2010

Travel reviews: Venice, Italy

The bright evening sunlight took us by surprise as we wandered out of the shady lane, and on to another picturesque bridge. On the other side of the bridge three lanes lead off in three seperate directions.

Where are we?’ You asked.

I don’t know!’ I replied.

Where are we trying to get to anyway?’

I don’t know,’ again was my reply.

Then why are you bothering to look at that map all the time?’ It was a reasonable serious of questions I suppose. After all I had asked you the same questions an hour or so earlier when you had held the map, and attempted to make sense of the glorious city maze that is Venice. I didn’t reply to your final question, but instead pointed an uncertain finger down the middle of the three lanes, which had a long name which I couldn’t pronounce, but which seemed vaguely familiar to me.

When in Venice, the sooner you embrace the fact that you are hopelessly lost, and are likely to remain hopelessly lost for the majority of your stay, then the sooner you can relax and take in the beauty which greets you wherever you go. In a city like Venice being lost is no real hardship, because it is small enough that sooner or later you always get to where you’re going, and besides there are certain distinct advantages to being lost.

Had we not got lost when we first arrived in Venice, then no doubt we would have found our way to the main concentration of hotels around the bustling Piazza San Marco, and would have missed out on the delightful apartment which we discovered in the quieter, and more Italian part of the city, Campo Santa Margherita. The room was rented out by a local hotel, but in fact seemed to be nothing more than a derelict apartment, the interior of which appeared to have seen little attention since the sixties. But for the bargain price of 60 Euros per night, and with a balcony overlooking the central square of Campo Santa Margherita, it is fair to say that it more than exceeded our expectations on such a minimal budget. Another advantage of the apartment was that it was a twenty minute walk (in theory) from Piazza San Marco, and the other central attractions, and therefore allowed us many more opportunities to get lost on our excursions around the city.

And had we not been lost so often, then no doubt we would have missed out on many of the colourful conversations with the cheerful locals, which usually began with the words, Scusami, Dov e .?’ (Excuse me, where is ..?) spoken in my faltering Italian accent. In most

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