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August 19, 2010

What is virtual travel

Virtual is a word that implies that it is the next best thing, to actually experiencing something, physically. To virtually do something, is to do it, but not quite do it!

A virtual tour, is to take a tour of something visually. Sometimes, one can see something and feel as if one is there in person, depending upon the presentation and the quality of the film and/or photography.

Virtual tours, on web-sites, are quite popular these days, as one can take a good look at a prospective home, hotel room or automobile and get a pretty good sense of what to expect. It saves a lot of time and a lot of leg work.

With the extended lives of our baby boomer’ generation, there are many more people that are burdened with disabilities. Virtual tours of historic buildings and land marks are becoming more and more popular, as the disabled, are able to experience descriptive footage of their favorite architecture, without compromising themselves.

Years ago, a visit from a relative or friend, with a photograph album, was pleasantly received! Flipping through page after page of memories, brought joy to an elderly person. Now, with today’s technology, we can advance that one step further and include Uncle Bob or Aunt Lily’ in our travel plans. Of course, they won’t be traveling with us, but we can certainly get them a virtual travel package, that will include some of the places that we visit.

The virtual world is at our finger tips! Through the Internet, we can explore castles and Stately Manors. We can take a look at things that maybe we couldn’t see or wouldn’t have time to see, in person. We can visit the places, virtually of course, that we have always wanted to see; We can go to Rome or Venice and come away feeling refreshed and inspired. Besides, virtual travel, is an excellent way of acclimating oneself, prior to actually visiting the country of one’s choice.

I really do hope that someone is working on virtual work! However, the thought of virtual money, is not that appealing, unless of course, my virtual bank will honor it!

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