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July 23, 2010

Which country would you consider to be the best to live in and why?

Traveling has been my life. I grew up with the military lifestyle, so I have a lot of experience. My personally opinion is that Venice, and or Vienna are the best places to live. I would go to Venice on the weekends, as a child, so I grew to love the city of mysteries. I think the canals, people, and culture are amazing. Even on week days, vendors walk around the floating city in masks and costumes. Tourists smile, and the Italians are more hospitable then any other culture. All the building have some story behind them, that makes them unique. Carnival, the time when Venice shines, brings an enchanting feeling to the city. Romance, is practically leaking from the cities bowels. The gondoliers sing songs to lovers on their honey moon, and the men are absolute flirts. Starring is a compliment in Venice, so don’t be alarmed when the men and women seem to be burning holes into you. It’s wonderful!

Though the pollution is questionable, everything else (in my opinion) is wonderful.

Vienna is also a city I would love to live in. It is known as the imperial city. Which is accurate. The city is both blindingly white, and impossibly rich looking. I was absolutely stunned by the history of the city, and the night life. The people were nice, and the food was excellent. Cobble stones, like much of Europe, decorated the streets. On those streets, horse drawn carriages gave people another mode of transportation. Children would sit in the front, and “help” the drivers steer. Lights set the city aflame at night. An enchanting sight, so much like Paris. Buildings compete with one another, by being beautiful. All in the name of tourists, and fun.

Travel the world. There are many, many places that can be considered the “best” place to live. It all lives in the eyes of the one who wishes to live there.

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